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By Rob King, Managing Director and Creator of MoneyPen

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Welcome to Trade Secrets

Welcome to the first issue of Trade Secrets. By now, I hope you're familiar with the basics of MoneyPen. It's a digital system that lets Tradies automate the tasks that take up so much time, like invoices, compliance forms, and appointments. The MoneyPen system literally saves its users hundreds of hours a year, and that's time you can spend growing your business, spending time with your family, or watching the footy.

I come from a Tradie family (I was a Tradie myself), and I saw and experienced the incredible amount of time repetitive paperwork can take. That time can have a major effect on family, and that's why MoneyPen was born – to give time back to Tradies and get cash in the bank.

Why I've started this Newsletter

I've created this newsletter to help you make the most out of MoneyPen. We'll provide you with helpful tricks and tips, but this isn't a one-way street: we want to hear from you. If you have questions, a topic you would like covered, or just want to tell us how MoneyPen is saving you time, please click here. Your topic or comments could be featured in an upcoming issue.

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Rob King
Managing Director and Creator, MoneyPen


Do you ever feel like you're drowning in paperwork?

Have you ever been late getting out an invoice?

Do you spend too much time coordinating staff and clients?

MoneyPen is the answer you've been waiting for. MoneyPen is a digital system that can automate your life for you: no more repetitive forms, no more invoices long after the fact, no more spending your life coordinating your workers and clients.

Make more money, and have
more time to enjoy it!

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I'm so confident that you'll like MoneyPen, I'm willing to take all the risk myself. I will send you the complete system to try FREE for 30-days. I'm confident you'll like the product, but if you don't, you can simply return it with no penalty during the 30-day trial.
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Employee Management with MoneyPen: You know that MoneyPen can save you hundreds of hours by automating repetitive paperwork. But did you know that MoneyPen can also be a big help in scheduling your jobs, and keeping your clients and employees up-to-date (without having to call and follow up). It's easy!

  Step 1 image Step 1: You have a client request for work. You simply go to 'My Jobs', and then 'Work Requests'.
  Step 2 image Step 2: From the 'Work Request' screen, simply 'create job' and all details from your work request are copied into a new job. Click save and schedule, and drag and drop the job to a day on the calendar. Confirm the details, the timing, and who will be working on it.
  Step 3 image Step 3: Here's the really cool part: MoneyPen can provide updates to your employees and clients via email and SMS informing them of all the details of the job: when it's scheduled, and how long it will take. Everyone is up to speed on where they need to be and when – and you didn't have to make one phone call!  
  Step 4 image Step 4: The MoneyPen system can also automatically update the calendar on your employee's mobile phones, so they are always up-to-date on where they need to be, and when. And if an urgent unscheduled job comes in, an SMS will alert them to check for the revised work plan.  

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This month, we have my nephew, Kevin. He was someone I worked closely with in designing this program. We wanted to figure out the best way to save Kevin time. Here's what he has to say about the results so far:

MoneyPen is going to give me my life back! I could never get any work done with 5 vans on the road because there was so much paperwork. Now with the MoneyPen System, it makes the paperwork a breeze and now I can go back and do some work I'd never have been able to do it without MoneyPen. It works, it really works! It's bloody fantastic! (there were other superlatives that I didn't include)

- Kevin King -- Contracting Kings

Do you have a story about how MoneyPen has helped you save time, or a unique way you're using the system? We'd love to hear from you. Please go to this link, and provide us with your contact information and story. You could be featured in an upcoming issue of Trade Secrets.

Question from Neal, from Perth WA: I currently use MYOB for my accounting. Will I end up duplicating systems when I start using MoneyPen?

Answer from Rob: No is the short answer. MoneyPen manages everything to do with getting you paid faster – all you need to get cash in the bank. Add a single entry in MYOB for cash/invoicing for the BAS period and you can still manage your tax in MYOB. MoneyPen will even import your client list from MYOB to make it easy for you to get started.



Do you have a question you'd like to ask about MoneyPen? A feature you're not clear on, or an idea for a future feature? Please click here and submit your question. We will answer it as soon as we can, and we may feature it in an upcoming edition of the newsletter.

MoneyPen has changed the lives of many Tradies already,
and it can change yours too.

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