Business Tip: Maximising billable hours by following up with existing customers.

We've launched our new Trade Secrets blog site focused on providing business tips and discussion to help bring your business to the next level.  We will be updating the blog regularly, so be sure to check back for updates!

This week, we're focusing on how tradies can maximise their billable hours by following up with their existing clients.

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MoneyPen Tips & Tricks: Unlocking the power of Digital Paper.

Digital Paper provides the backbone of the MoneyPen experience: it allows you the power to speed up many areas of your business, including quotes, managing inventory stock, work requests, and much more. Digital Paper is easy to use, and the MoneyPen system means there are no setup costs to using this fantastic technology.

This month we'll be posting a number of articles on the many areas you can use digital paper in your business.

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Interview: Mishelle Barclay, New Business Coach, MoneyPen

In our interview segment, we like to give you a number of perspectives on MoneyPen - both from clients, and people on our team.

This month, we're interviewing Mishelle Barclay.  Mishelle is the new business coach for MoneyPen, and is also involved in a number of promotional activities. We chatted with her about what the transition process is like for new clients, what clients can expect from MoneyPen, and much more.

Question: How long have you been with MoneyPen?

Answer: I started with MoneyPen just over a year ago.

Question: What are your responsibilities with MoneyPen?

Answer: My job is to promote MoneyPen. Another big part to my role is to coach new businesses that come on board and make sure they have a smooth transition from their old system (that's if they even had one!).

Question: In your experience, what features do you think it would benefit users to know more about?         

Answer: There's a few.  For instance, syncing their phones with the calendar / schedule to have all job details on hand.  This also allows for urgent unplanned work to be updated without calling and interrupting the work. A few others that spring to mind include:

  • Clients also have the ability to pick self-service jobs if they have extra time in an area.  For instance, if a job gets cancelled and they are already there.
  • MoneyPen is paperless with no interruptions.
  • A handy feature that clients like is the automatic payment reminders, because it saves you from chasing them.  It's simple to set this up in the system. 

Question: What's a big issue that a lot of clients discuss with you, and what's MoneyPen's solution for it?

Answer: Inventory and stock control is an issue for most; MoneyPen has several helpful things in place for this.

You can create several 'store rooms' in the system, so you can keep a stock take of what's in each van and back at base in real time. You can create scan sheets from your commonly used inventory section allowing staff not to have to hand write / or write incorrect description which saves time when writing the job card. It also allows you to charge for the correct part and save your poor receptionist from having to translate the writing!

Thanks so much to Mishelle for this interview!

MoneyPen: Questions and Answers

Question:  What are the set up and recurring costs of MoneyPen?

Answer: MoneyPen begins with a 30-day free trial. If at the end of the trial you're not completely satisfied, you're free to return it without penalty. Simply register and order as many MoneyPen ‘MoneyBox’ starter kits you need to get up and running.

Once you've decided to move forward with MoneyPen (and we are confident you will), all you pay is a single fee of $875 for each MoneyBox and a low monthly payment. There are a number of payment plans available: the bottom line is that you pay as little as $30 per month per employee for low volume users, ranging up to $125 per month for an unlimited use plan.

Messaging (SMS, letters, fax, certificates) is charged per use at competitive market rates. There are no charges for setup, training or support. Customization of invoice templates, integration with your website, personalized client website are all included at NO additional cost. As you can see, MoneyPen offers a low cost, yet highly automated business management system.

Prices exclude GST

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