MoneyPen gives you more hassle-free family time.  "Rob, I totally understand how much time MoneyPen can save me in business administration.  But I don't have weeks to learn a new program!"    When I'm meeting with a potential client, I quite often hear the above quote, or something very near it.  People understand that MoneyPen is an all-in-one solution that will make a night and day difference in their business administration.    What they can't understand is how such a powerful program can be so easy to use!  But it's true: MoneyPen is very easy to pick up, and will have you taking advantage of its timesaving abilities in no time.  That means more time to spend with your family - without having to be locked in the office learning a new program!  Want to see just how easy it is?  Why not try our NEW interactive demo - it lets you learn about the features you want, at the pace you want.  To sign up, read more below.  Until next time,  Rob King Managing Director and Creator, MoneyPen

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Client Profile: Ctrl I.T. Pty Ltd

"Automatically reminding clients of outstanding accounts has saved us thousands of dollars every month"

In this month's interview segment, we're talking to Ctrl I.T.  They are an Information Technology company, specialising in service, remote and onsite support, hosting solutions, and much more.  They have over ten employees, and have been in business for ten years.

Though MoneyPen is primarily aimed at Tradies, they've found the solution to be a perfect fit for their company. 

We asked them to answer a few questions on MoneyPen:

Q. What were the central challenges that your company faced before using MoneyPen?

A. We found administration of the company to be painful.  Having to duplicate the invoicing process from staff handwriting to typing, and then manually chasing receivables proved a long and expressive task.

Q. How does MoneyPen help you solve those challenges?

A. Automating the invoicing process and automatically reminding clients of outstanding accounts has saved us thousands of dollars every month and lowered our average monthly outstanding receivables by more than 20%. 

Ctrl I.T. notes that MoneyPen has allowed them to focus on their clients' problems, rather than having to administer the company.  They mention that without MoneyPen, they'd likely have to have 1 to 2 more employees to handle the invoicing, which would really strain their budget.

Q. What was your experience implementing MoneyPen into your business?

A. Rob King and the MoneyPen staff have been extremely fantastic with helping us implement MoneyPen. Rob came out to us to help us with the entire process including training.

Also, as a specialist I.T. company, we have a lot of customization we require which gets addressed in record time.

Q. Any final words on MoneyPen?

A. MoneyPen is like having an Accounts Manager without having to pay for one. Automating invoicing, reminders for late payers, stock management, and quoting facility will help you focus the majority of your time on what really counts: your profession.

Business Tip: Recruit and Train Your Team.

As with Footy, your business is only as good as your team.  That's why, in this month's blog, we're going to focus on how to recruit and train your employees.

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MoneyPen: Questions and Answers

Question:  Do I have to enter data via my phone?

Answer: Most people don't like having to fiddle with phones to type text, so MoneyPen avoids using text entry wherever possible. You can perform almost all tasks by clicking a link or selecting from a menu. It's simple and designed for those who don't use phones for SMS or Internet access.

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