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How Does A Busy Stressed Out 40 Year-Old Tradie, Crippled By The Drudgery Of
Follow-Up, Quoting, Calling And Returning Calls To Clients, Now Breeze
Through On Cruise Control And Win More Business While Getting Everything
Done On Time, Every Time?

By Rob King, Managing Director and Creator of MoneyPen

Do you think follow-up is an easy game? Kevin King, Contacting Kings (Electricians) does, and he's been proving it with 6 vans on the road since he started using MoneyPen, using the newest addition to the software that allowed him to put on 2 new vans and increase income, plus stay on top of every client with ease, even with added job requests.

If you've always wanted a system to keep up with all the client calls and requests that's so easy to implement, it works automatically then you're going to freak over what I have to share with you this month.

Here's what it's all about: we have re-engineered the old fashioned way of scheduling jobs, calling clients, trying to keep up with emails, managing faxes, etc. Your client can now be provided access to their own workroom via email, where they can schedule jobs and see quotes, invoices and payments.

Check out the step by step "tip section" on how the new client scheduling system works below.

After reading, remember you don't have to risk a penny to trial the system for your own business - simply click on the link for you own 30-day trial and you're up and running!

As always, please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions.

Thanks for reading,

Rob King Managing Director and Creator, MoneyPen

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Letters from Tradies: "I am doing less work and am more profitable" - Amador Garcia

This month we're highlighting a letter we received from Amador Garcia who recently became a MoneyPen user. Here's what he had to say:

My name is Amador Garcia and I own a business called Safety First Electrical REC 15102. and MoneyPen is now my business partner.

My business is more organised in the daily, weekly and monthly planning and running of the business. My staff enjoy using the system as they now have a schedule of work before they come to the workshop - in fact, they no longer have to come to the workshop, they hit the ground running ensuring we maximise their billable hours.

My customers are doing their own administration with the auto job registration. Prior to MoneyPen, numerous phone calls, retrieving messages, calling my staff then the customer was the process to coordinate a job. Now they simply send an email, auto register it - THEMSELVES - and then we receive notification.

As any business owner should know, getting the invoices out and getting the money in is crucial to business survival. MoneyPen solves this problem. Prior to MoneyPen, to invoice a customer I needed paper job cards, supplier invoices, material price assignment then submit this to a book keeper. I no longer have missing job cards or need to question my staff on missing materials not billed out. My invoices are emailed straight away - sometimes within the hour of the job being completed - without having to see my staff. This was costing me thousands and now saves me thousands.

Quite simply as the business owner, I am doing less work and am more profitable. With the spare time I have, I use to better manage the business or enjoy more free time. The only person not happy with MoneyPen is my book keeper! I hardly use them at all.

Finally, Rob King and the MoneyPen team really care about my business. The implementation has almost been seamless and their technical support has been unparalleled.

It is a value for money system that I have found the more I use it the more my business benefits. My business turnover is up 30% from last year - not as a result of MoneyPen, but it has allowed me to manage the growth. If you would like to discuss the system with me I would be happy to discuss it with you. Feel free to call on 0409-380-358.

Amador Garcia

Do you have a story about how MoneyPen has helped you save time, or a unique way you're using the system? We'd love to hear from you. Please go to this link, and provide us with your contact information and story. You could be featured in an upcoming issue of Trade Secrets.
Tip of the Month - How Amador Garcia and many more are saving time and making money...

A deeper look at how your clients can set up totally automated jobs with MoneyPen.

Want a fool-proof way to cut down on client phone calls, emails and faxes?  Enable your client to have access to the special "client area" of MoneyPen. 

In this area, they have huge amounts of information at their fingertips (information they'd usually need to call you for): they can create future work requests, track current work requests, and see quotes, invoices, and payments.
This area is fully synchronised with your MoneyPen service, so when your client creates a work request, it appears in your work request list as a verified work request.  You can simply review the request and create/schedule a job for your employees, all with a few simple keystrokes.  It's quick, with no room for error, and no unneeded phone calls!

  Tip One: Work requests through email: Your client can send you a work request through email without signing up with you.    Your client simply:   
  • Sends the email detailing their request. MoneyPen will send your client a confirmation email. 
  • Upon confirmation of the work request, it is ready for you review and schedule.  The client is prompted to set up their own MoneyPen login, without ever having to contact you!
  Tip Two: You can create a link to an anonymous work request form - perfect for your website.  Your client can simply clicks a link, fills out the form, and submits the work request to you.   It's now verified and ready to review and schedule.
  Tip Three: Send a Profile Verification Request by simply clicking a link in your "My Clients" list. Your client receives a personalised email asking them to confirm their profile details (name, address, email and phone numbers).  Voila - they now have an account, can manage their own details and send in work requests as above.
And here's the best bit...If the job is urgent, MoneyPen will send off a notification SMS to your designated planner, and the planner can assign the job to an employee via a MoneyPen mobile web form with a few simple mouse clicks.  The employee and client then gets notified and they are ready to do the job and complete a job card using the correct job ID - all done seamlessly, and without a single phone call.
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Your Questions: Answered

Question: Can I add my own inventory items for billing?

Answer from Rob: Yes, when you create your account a Supplier is created for your business.  Add a new inventory item and it is stored in your businesses supplier account.  You can add any item you wish - which is especially useful when you sell fixed price items, like a fee per metre to install drainage, or a fixed price per powerpoint or to tag and test. 

Of course, you can also use connect with a MoneyPen preferred supplier's inventory...  and the great thing is that when you do you can add your own pricing, descriptions and grouping so you can always make sense of your inventory without losing the link with your supplier for updates to pricing.

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