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MoneyPen announces new features inspired by YOU.
By Rob King, Managing Director and Creator of MoneyPen

I designed MoneyPen to save tradies time, and make them more money.  It's as simple as that. 

So when you provide us with feedback on new ways you would see MoneyPen increasing your billable hours, we listen, and we act

This month, we're proud to announce a number of new features to the MoneyPen system, designed to answer exactly the needs of your companies.  We've created second generation digital paper forms, which introduces a variety of improvements for inventory management and tracking.  We've also introduced new purpose built forms, designed for the specific regional needs of our tradies.

We will be introducing a number of new features over the coming months, so keep the feedback coming! 

If you're looking for more information on how to take advantage of the new features, perhaps you would consider signing up for one of our FREE webinars.  They're interactive, and designed to address exactly the topics you're interested in.  They're a great way of unlocking the full potential of your MoneyPen system.  Click HERE to sign up.



Rob King
Managing Director and Creator, MoneyPen

Company Profile: Coles Electrical Service

Over the coming months, we will be interviewing companies to discuss how MoneyPen has changed the way they do business.

This month, we're featuring "Coles Electrical Service", which is run by Neal Coles.  Coles Electrical Service has been in business for 53 years, and has 12 employees.  They are an electrical contracting firm that specialises in Aged Care Facilities. 

Before MoneyPen:

We asked Mr. Coles what his biggest challenges were before using MoneyPen.  He told us that monitoring jobs overall was his biggest hurdle.  This included tracking reoccurring jobs, getting accurate information from the tradesmen on time, and tracking parts and materials used on the jobs. 

Why Mr. Coles Chose MoneyPen:

MoneyPen provided the perfect answer for Mr. Coles's needs.  It allowed him to monitor jobs from the point of contact with the client, right through to the point of invoicing.  While monitoring the jobs had previously been a big headache, now the entire process is completely automated.

The Most Significant Benefits of MoneyPen:

We asked Mr. Coles what he found the most significant benefits of MoneyPen to be.  He listed a number:

  • Reliable information on the scope of work on the job
  • Reliable information on the parts and materials used
  • Time savings, as the client can set up their own work requests online and track the job progress without having to ring the office
  • No more doubling of communications: everything is centralized

Bottom Line:

Mr. Coles sums up his experience with MoneyPen in one sentence: "It changes how you operate your business." 

Read more about how MoneyPen can save you time and money.

MoneyPen Spotlight: New Features

Through the last few months, we've been collecting your feedback on what MoneyPen upgrades would help you get even more out of your system. 

As a result, this month we are launching our 2nd Generation Digital Paper.  While your 1st Generation Digital Paper will continue to work, we've made a number of improvements to the 2nd Generation we think you'll be very impressed with.

Here is an overview of some of our new features.

Inventory Usage Features:

  • MoneyPen's inventory usage tracking has just become even more powerful with the inclusion of new 'dot map' scanning.  Instead of scanning bar codes, you scan special 'dot maps', which are not affected by visible marks, scratches, or pen marks on the paper.  Because of this flexibility, you can use water-resistant paper and simply wipe clean to re-use it.

  • Never miss a price changes from suppliers:

    • Automated notification of price file changes as you verify job cards and create invoices, so you are always maintaining your margin.
    • Simplified inventory management to save time updating pricing and descriptions of items.
    • Automated frequently used items management means you always have common items at your fingertips.

Tracking Features:

  • All forms are now tracked, so you can reference a paper form by looking up its "paper ID".  This is a simple, but effective, way to locate paper forms online.


Job Scheduling:

  • You can now flag a job request as urgent right on the digital paper. This flag will be updated in your system.
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MoneyPen Spotlight: Purpose Built Forms

In keeping with the theme of constantly improving, we are proud to announce our new range of "Purpose Built Forms".  We have built forms specifically for the needs of Victorian electricians and plumbers, and Western Australian electricians. 

If you're not from those regions, don't worry - you can still use our general-purpose form no matter where you are, and if you have a need for a purpose built form just ask.

Click HERE to learn more about MoneyPen's features.

A free Webinar can be a great tool to learn more about MoneyPen

Looking to have a deeper discussion about how MoneyPen can benefit your business?  Or, are you a current MoneyPen user, and are looking for new ways to save yourself time and money? 

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Say Hello To Mishelle
I'd like to welcome a new face to the MoneyPen customer service team. Mishelle has joined us to assist new clients in setting up MoneyPen. In this role, she will provide you with support, guidance, and education to get the most out of your MoneyPen system.

If you haven't had a chance to touch base with Mishelle yet, feel free to drop her an email at sales@moneypen.com.au - she'd be happy to hear from you!

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