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Feel like creating quotations takes up far too much of your time?
MoneyPen allows you to speed through them quickly and accurately, no matter where you are.

By Rob King, Managing Director and Creator of MoneyPen

Back when I was a tradie, I was annoyed by the monotony of quotations - I felt like I spent far too much time creating and sending them to clients.  That was time I could have been using to work on jobs!

With MoneyPen, we're looking to change all that.  We've made the process as simple and streamlined as possible, so that you can get quick, accurate quotes to your clients no matter where you are.  For more information, please scroll down and take a look at this month's MoneyPen tips.

I'd also like to quickly mention our webinar series.  Each week we host a webinar that discusses MoneyPen in an interactive, one-on-one environment.  Attendees are free to ask any questions they'd like, and can submit potential topics in advance.  I've been happy to see so many of our clients taking advantage of this great educational medium, and I hope many more join them in the coming weeks!  Please click HERE to sign up for a webinar now.


Rob King
Managing Director and Creator, MoneyPen

Company Profile: Ashby's Electrical

Over the last few months, we've been talking with some of our clients about the ways MoneyPen has helped their companies.   

This month, we wanted to share a chat we had with Ernie Corry, of Ashby's Electrical.

About Ashby's Electrical:

Ashby's Electrical has been in business for 11 years, and has 4 employees.

Why Ashby's Electrical needed MoneyPen:

Ernie succinctly describes why his company needed MoneyPen: "Invoicing jobs became slack".  Mr. Corry needed a system that could help him track jobs, estimates, and invoices easily and quickly.  That's why he turned to MoneyPen.

How MoneyPen helped Ernie get invoices out quickly, and get the money coming in promptly!

Ernie says: "As it's directly sent to the computer, as sheets are done at the end of a job, we are not forgetting anything, and invoicing is quicker and more efficient".  MoneyPen has provided Ernie with a streamlined, "all-in-one" system that results in quicker, more effective invoicing. 

Ashby's Electrical on the most important benefits of MoneyPen for their business:

MoneyPen has allowed Ernie to get his invoices out promptly and accurately, which means far improved cash flow.  MoneyPen can keep track of all of the materials used for a job, and the hours his employees worked.  In his words: "Instantly being able to send in work sheet via phones allows the office to invoice immediately.  Turnaround of income is much improved". 

How Ernie would describe MoneyPen:


Read more about how MoneyPen can save you time and money.

MoneyPen Tips & Tricks: Get accurate quotes to your clients quickly with MoneyPen.

Many tradies have come to dread the time-consuming and repetitive task of creating and sending quotes to their clients.  That's why MoneyPen is designed to make quotes as quick, accurate and painless as possible. 

Here are just a few ways that MoneyPen makes quoting your projects quick and easy - which means more time for you to work billable hours!

MoneyPen quote templates:

  MoneyPen offers you powerful quote templates.  With these, you are able to take quotations you've previously used and update them with a few simple pen strokes.  You can also use previously sent invoices or job cards, so you know your quotation will be accurate, and you can get it out quickly!  

Create quotes with digital paper forms:

  You never know when a few minutes will pop up where you can create a quotation.  That's why MoneyPen allows you to create quotes using our digital paper forms.  You can create the quotes quickly, no matter where you are.  How's that for painless!


Quote sending flexibility:


Our streamlined process goes from creating the quote, right through to sending it.  When you create a quote with MoneyPen, you can automatically send the quote via email, fax or letter from your MoneyPen account. 

Client approval via email:

  When you send a quote from your MoneyPen account, your client can automatically approve the quote from their email.  This gives you a record of the approval date and time.
Click HERE to see other ways MoneyPen can save you time.
A Webinar can help you fully unlock MoneyPen's potential.

Webinars are a great way to learn about how you can fully utilize MoneyPen in a no-pressure, easy-going environment.  It doesn't matter if you're an experienced MoneyPen vet, or someone who is interested in MoneyPen but hasn't chosen to pursue it yet, there's always lots to learn in these sessions.

Webinars are 30 minutes long, interactive, and the groups are small.  They go at your pace, and address the topics you want to learn about.

No matter what topic you're looking to explore further, a MoneyPen Webinar can be a great way to get your questions answered.

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Your Questions: Answered

At MoneyPen, we pride ourselves on accessibility.  If you ever have a question about any aspect of our product, please don't hesitate to contact us. 

Occasionally, we like to share a question we've received with our newsletter audience, so that all of our clients can benefit from the information we discuss.

This month's question is:

Question: How do I automate printing and registering certificates?

Answer from Rob: You can create a certificate from the "Manage" link in your navigator menu when you're preparing an invoice (but before you've approved it to be sent to your client).

The certificate form allows you to load certificate details from a digital job card. All you have to do is complete the details, and then print and accept the form. For certificates that need to be registered online, simply click "Auto Register". You can view the status of the certificate registration online.

Upon completion of this process, MoneyPen will attach the certificate to your invoice so it can be emailed to you client. It's fast, painless, and (most importantly) doesn't require any postage!

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