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Get up and running quickly with MoneyPen.
By Rob King, Managing Director and Creator of MoneyPen

A lot of tradies ask me a similar question about MoneyPen: how easy is it to set up?  With a solution as powerful as MoneyPen, they assume that it will take months to get everything up and going - months they don't have!

I'm happy to say that getting MoneyPen up and running is quick and painless.  We have learnt a lot from the early days, and we know the tricks to help you get moving fast.  I've provided an overview and some helpful tips in our "Tips & Tricks" section - please scroll down and take a look!

I've also provided an interesting look at our reports, for the more experienced MoneyPen users in our audience.


Our webinars have been gaining quite the audience over the last few months, from both experienced MoneyPen users and tradies who are interested in learning more about MoneyPen.  Our webinars are interactive, and can be tailored to your interests, so go ahead and sign up for one today!

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30-Day Trial

Looking to get some firsthand experience with the MoneyPen system? Then I would recommend that you sign up for our FREE 30-day trial. 

It's truly a "win-win". You get an unrestricted look at how MoneyPen can help supercharge your business.  If, however, you're not completely satisfied, you can cancel at any time during the 30 days with no penalties.  It's really that simple!

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Thanks for reading,

Rob King
Managing Director and Creator, MoneyPen

What our clients are saying about MoneyPen.

We're very proud of the huge changes that MoneyPen has made in the day-to-day operations of our clients.  We wanted to share a few of their perspectives.

Kevin King (Contracting Kings): "MoneyPen improved job communication with employees and clients.  It increased work through providing clients with online access to my business.  We now often get invoices out the same day - much better than the weeks it used to take us!"

Ernie Corry (Ashby's Electrical): "As [job cards] are directly sent to the computer, as sheets are done at the end of a job, we are not forgetting anything, and invoicing is quicker and more efficient."

Neal Coles (Coles Electrical Service): "[MoneyPen] provides reliable information on the job scope of work, parts and materials used.  The customer can set up their own work requests online and track the job progress without ringing our office.  It saves us a lot of human resources and double handling in communicating information both from the client to us and from us to the Electricians."

Amador Garcia (Safety First Electrical): "Quite simply as the business owner, I am doing less work and am more profitable. With the spare time I have, I use to better manage the business or enjoy more free time. The only person not happy with MoneyPen is my book keeper! I hardly use them at all. "

Neal Coles (Coles Electrical Service): "[MoneyPen] changes how you operate your business."

Read more about how MoneyPen can save you time and money.

MoneyPen Tips: Digital Job Cards

MoneyPen is designed to save you both time and money, and we think saving you time should start right at the very beginning, when you are first setting up MoneyPen!

That's why we've streamlined the set-up process so deeply.  Here's a quick overview of the steps to setting up MoneyPen.

How to get started with MoneyPen:

  When you first start up with MoneyPen, getting it in sync with your existing clients is easy!  You can simply export your clients from:
  • MYOB
  • Quickbooks
  • Or any client list you have

We then load them into the MoneyPen program using our handy import page and you're all set to go!

Connect to suppliers for accurate invoicing:

  Once you have your clients set up in the program, you'll want to connect to your suppliers for access to products.  You can do this one of two ways.   You can:
  • Automatically connect to your supplier for immediate access to products (never have an inaccurate invoice again!)
  • Or, alternatively, you can set up your own list in the system.
  • Ask your supplier to give you a list of your fast moving items and you will instantly have access to those items you use most often.

All you need to do now is add your employees, click the 'phone setup' link to configure each employees phone and you are ready to get moving. 

Of course, any new system that is going to optimise the way you do business will take some time to learn, but rest assured the team at MoneyPen is ready to help.

MoneyPen Tips: Quick Reports

Have you ever wanted to get a quick snapshot of your business?  It's easy with MoneyPen!  We have a variety of reports you can see quickly, at the touch of a button.  These reports include:

  • My Money Monthly Summary: An overview of your monthly cashflow

  • Clients That Owe Me Money: Keep an eye on outstanding invoices

  • Receipts Schedule: so you can see where the money is coming from and who is due to pay.

  • The Best and Worst: See your best billings, your worse payers, and your most active clients.
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Are you a current MoneyPen user, who's looking to chat about how to fully unlock every aspect of what MoneyPen has to offer? Or are you interested in MoneyPen, but looking to converse with someone in a no-pressure, easy-going environment about exactly how MoneyPen can benefit your business?

Why not sign up for one of our FREE Webinars? They are thirty minutes long, and come packed with interactive information, customized exactly to your needs.

No matter what topic you're looking to explore further, a MoneyPen Webinar can be a great way to get your questions answered.

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Your Questions: Answered

We're always looking to ways to help our customers gets the most out of the MoneyPen system. That's why we like to share questions we've received with our newsletter audience, so that all of our clients can benefit from the information we discuss.

This month's question is:

Q: Can employees select jobs without me scheduling them?

A: Yes, jobs can be set as 'self service' so that employees can simply login to the MoneyPen mobile web page and select from jobs that are 'self service' or on hold.  Employees can also put jobs on hold and provide a reason so you can follow them up.

i.       Go to http://m.moneypen.com.au/

ii.      Login with the same details employees use to sync their phones

iii.      You can now see a list of jobs that are self service and on hold.

iv.      Select a job and it is assigned to the employee and all details are updated to their phone.

b.      Planners and Business Managers can login with their MoneyPen account and see all jobs, so it's easy to plan and organize work if you are away from your PC.

Its easy to use, and will work with ANY mobile handset that has internet access.

Get MoneyPen FREE for 30 Days  Want a chance to try MoneyPen for yourself, and see first hand how much time it can save for you (time you can spend growing your business)?  We are so confident that you'll be impressed with MoneyPen, we're offering a FREE 30-day trial.  Simply click HERE to make your order, and try it for 30 days.  If you like it, you can simply keep using it.  If not, we'll give you a full refund of your money.  Period.  No strings attached, and no hidden costs.  Click HERE to sign up for your FREE 30 day trial today.

MoneyPen has changed the lives of many Tradies already,
and it can change yours too.

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