Shouldn't you be watching the footy?  Let MoneyPen show you how.  When it comes to your business, you need solutions that will make things easier, not add headaches.  That's why we have to scratch our heads with some tradie management solutions - they're complicated, and sometimes it seems like you need a masters in Computer Science just to make heads or tails of them.  At MoneyPen, we know you're very busy, and don't have time to spend hours learning a new system.  That's why we've made ours extremely straightforward and simple to learn (while still allowing it to pack a big, big punch).  We know you'd rather be watching the footy then slaving over the computer!  Want to see for yourself?  Then go ahead and sign up for one of our FREE webinar demonstrations.  We'll show you firsthand how simple our system is to learn and use.  Rob King Managing Director and Creator, MoneyPen Video Link
Want to see see how simple MoneyPen is to learn for yourself?

...Then sign up for a 30-minute one-on-one webinar!

It's one thing for us to say how simple MoneyPen is to learn, but it's another to give you a first-hand look!

If you're interested, please sign up for one of our 30-minute webinars.   These events are interactive, fun, and don't take up too much of your time - perfect for seeing MoneyPen in action.  Plus you don't even have to leave your desk!

Business Tip: Choose Strategic Partners.

Many of our newsletters contain tips on how you can use MoneyPen to make the most out of your billable time, but in addition to the support MoneyPen can offer, there are a number of other areas of your business that could benefit greatly from a strategic partner.

We've written two blog posts highlighting areas where strategic partners can make the most impact, and what to look for when you're searching for a strategic partner.

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MoneyPen Tips & Tricks: Unlocking the power of Digital Paper.

We're wrapping up our Digital Paper series this month with a look at how Digital Paper helps with Ordering and Quoting. We hope you've enjoyed this video series!

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Interview: Sarel van Niekerk, Lead System Engineer, MoneyPen

In our interview segment, we like to give you a number of perspectives on MoneyPen - both from clients, and people on our team.

This month, we wanted to go right to the man who is responsible for the nuts and bolts of MoneyPen: Sarel van Niekerk, the lead system engineer.

Sarel has been working with 2Hippo (the company that created MoneyPen) since April 2003, and in that time he has grown from being developer to the lead engineer/architect of the MoneyPen system.  He primarily oversees MoneyPen's team of developers, and provides the overall framework of the technical solutions.

When asked what part of MoneyPen he was most proud of, here's what Sarel had to say:

"MoneyPen uses a message exchange system that I virtually wrote singlehandedly and can without a doubt say it gives me great joy when I see messages fly through the system by the thousands every week.  Otherwise, I cannot truly say that I fancy a particular part of the product over another - to me the entire product is fabulous."

MoneyPen is always keeping an eye on the latest technologies, and making sure the system is fully "future proof".  In Sarel's words:

"I constantly spend hours every week reading up and trying out new technologies and looking at ways we can utilise these in our products.  MoneyPen is current with the actual architecture being used. But as it is in IT something new is around the corner that we will no doubt be putting our hands on and see how it can improve the systems."

He's also very proud of the support structure that MoneyPen provides its customers:

"Clients tend to forget that the training provided is superb, intimate and most of the time a one on one with the founder and creator of the product."

What's next for MoneyPen?  Well, let's hear it from the man himself:

"We are in the process of looking into and developing some interesting new VoIP technologies for the near future releases. We will provide services like Voice To Text, Voice Mail, VoIP Phone Services and an Inbound Call Answer Mechanism whereby the operator or call receiver would know a significant amount of details of the caller/client in MoneyPen before the need to answer the call."

MoneyPen: Questions and Answers

Question:  How can I keep track of employee time to prepare payroll?

Answer: MoneyPen provides an employee timesheet feature that allows business administrators or employees to enter time records.  Here is how it's done:
  • Go to My Business > Timesheets to see a summary of time records for all employees. On this page you can set the day your pay period starts.

  • Edit an employee and add normal time, over time, or any leave or special hours. 

A great feature is the Job Card summary that shows for each employee, so as you enter time you can see what time was billed on each day.

Employees can login to using their mobile# and employee ID, and enter a timesheet record for any day in a pay period.  These will show on the website as 'unapproved' in red.  A user with permission (such as the business manager) can edit the employee timesheet and 'Approve' any hours added by the employee.  Approving a pay period locks the employee from editing time records in that pay period.

You can print or export the timesheets to include with your pay advice.

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